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Supported Networks

The following two lists show our different coverage options:

  • Live Coverage - Live Coverage via Carrier HLR Query
  • Portability Coverage - Number Portability Lookups via non-HLR methods

    For numbers in the North American Numbering Plan see additional information here

    Live HLR Coverage

    Note that HLR coverage is suitable for mobile numbers only, but does provide the added benefit of validating the status of the HLR record for an active subscriber. For extended reach and coverage of other number types where a live status check is not required, please see our Portability Coverage option.

    See Also: [ Portability Coverage - Number Portability Lookups via non-HLR methods ]

    The following networks are supported for Live (HLR) Queries:

    Afghanistan9341250Etisalat Afghanistan
    Afghanistan9341220ROSHAN (TDCA Ltd)
    Albania3552763ALBtelecom (Eagle Mobile)
    Albania3552761AMC (Albanian Mobile Communications)
    Albania3552762Vodafone Albania
    Algeria2136033Ooredoo Algeria
    American Samoa168454411"BlueSky (American Samoa License, Inc.)"
    Andorra3762133Mobiland (Servei de Tele d'Andorra)
    Anguilla1264365930Digicel Anguilla
    Antigua and Barbuda 19291268344930Digicel Antigua and Barbuda
    Armenia3742831Beeline (ArmenTel)
    Armenia37428310Ucom LLC (Orange)
    Armenia3742835VivaCell-MTS (K Telecom CJSC)
    Aruba2973632Digicel Aruba
    Aruba2973631SETAR N.V. (Servicio di Telecomunicacion di Aruba)
    Australia615053Vodafone Australia
    Australia615052YES OPTUS (Singtel Optus Ltd)
    Austria4323210MNO - 3 (CK Hutchison)
    Austria432321MNO - A1 Telekom (Telekom Austria)
    Austria432323MNO - T-Mobile (Deutsche Telekom)
    Austria4323213MVNO - UPC Mobile
    Austria432327MVNO - tele.ring (T-Mobile Austria)
    Bahamas1242364390BaTelCo (BTC)
    Bahamas124236449Newco (Aliv)
    Bahrain9734261Batelco (Bahrain Telecommunications Company)
    Bahrain9734264VIVA Bahrain
    Bahrain9734262Zain BH
    Barbados1246342750Digicel Barbados
    Belarus3752571A1 (ex. velcom)
    Belarus3752572MTS (JLLC Mobile TeleSystems)
    Belarus3752574life:) (Belarusian Telecommunications Network CJSC)
    Belgium3220620BASE (KPN Group Belgium NV/SA)
    Belgium3220628BICS M2M
    Belgium322066Lycamobile sprl
    Belgium3220640MVNO (BASE) - Join Experience S.A.
    Belgium322065MVNO (Orange) - Telenet NV
    Belgium322067MVNO - Mundio Mobile Belgium SPRL
    Belgium3220610Orange (fka Mobistar S.A.)
    Belgium322061Proximus (Belgacom SA/NV)
    Belize50170267Belize Telecommunications (Belize Telemedia Ltd)
    Bermuda14413500ONE (CellularOne)
    Bhutan97540211B-Mobile (Bhutan Telecom Limited)
    Bhutan97540277TashiCell (Tashi InfoComm Ltd)
    Bosnia and Herzegovi8n0a53872183HT-ERONET (Public Enterprise Croatian Telecom JSC)
    Botswana2676524BTC MOBILE (BEMOBILE)
    Botswana2676521Mascom Wireless
    British Indian Ocean T4er8ri6t8ory2469951Mobile Network
    Brunei Darussalam67352811DTSCom (DataStream Technology)
    Brunei Darussalam6735282Progresif (b-mobile)
    Bulgaria3592841A1 (M-TEL)
    Bulgaria3592843vivacom (Bulgarian Telecommunications Company AD (BTC))
    Burkina Faso2266132Orange Burkina Faso S.A. (ex. Airtel)
    Burundi25764282Econet Leo Burundi
    Cabo Verde2386252T+ TELECOMUNICACOES
    Cambodia8554561Cellcard (CamGSM)
    Cambodia85545611SeaTel (South East Asia Telecom)
    Caribbean Netherland6s35059936259Chippie UTS
    Caribbean Netherland6s34959936276Digicel Caribbean Netherlands
    Caribbean Netherland6s34759936278Telbo (Telefonia Bonairiano N.V.)
    Caribbean Netherland6s34859936251Telcell (Sint Marteen)
    Central African Republ1ic7972366233Orange Centrafrique
    Chile567301Entel PCS
    Congo2426291Airtel Congo Brazzaville
    Congo2426297Warid Congo
    Cook Islands6825481Vodafone Cook Islands
    Costa Rica5067121Kolbi ICE (Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad)
    Cote d'Ivoire2256123Orange CI
    Croatia38521910A1 (VIP-NET)
    Croatia3852191T-Mobile HR
    Croatia3852192Telemach (ex TELE2)
    Curacao59936291Chippie (UTS)
    Curacao59936269Digicel Curacao
    Cyprus35728020PrimeTel PLC
    Czech Republic4202304"Nordic Telecom (former U:fon, Air Telecom)"
    Czech Republic4202301T-Mobile CZ
    Czech Republic4202302Telefonica O2 CZ
    Czech Republic4202303Vodafone CZ
    Denmark4523855Landline Denmark
    Denmark452386MNO - 3 DK (Hi3G Denmark ApS)
    Denmark452381MNO - TDC A/S
    Denmark452382MNO - Telenor Denmark
    Denmark4523820MNO - Telia DK
    Denmark4523856MVNO - 42 Telecom AB
    Denmark4523857MVNO - Atea Telecom
    Denmark4523823MVNO - Banedanmark (Telenor MVNO)
    Denmark4523858MVNO - Bolignet-Aarhus F.M.B.A.
    Denmark4523852MVNO - CBB Mobil (Telenor MVNO)
    Denmark4523859MVNO - Companymobile A/S (TDC MVNO)
    Denmark4523860MVNO - Comtalk A/S (Telenor MVNO)
    Denmark4523828MVNO - CoolTEL (LINK Mobile A/S) (Telenor MVNO)
    Denmark4523861MVNO - Danovation ApS
    Denmark4523862MVNO - Everlove ApS
    Denmark4523874MVNO - Firstcom (TDC MVNO)
    Denmark4523864MVNO - ICOM Tele A/S
    Denmark4523881MVNO - Ipnordic A/S
    Denmark4523868MVNO - A/S
    Denmark4523853MVNO - Lebara Mobile (Telenor MVNO)
    Denmark4523812MVNO - Lycamobile Denmark Ltd
    Denmark4523869MVNO - MI Carrier Services
    Denmark4523870MVNO - MVNO A/S
    Denmark452383MVNO - Mach Connectivity ApS
    Denmark4523851MVNO - ApS (Telenor MVNO)
    Denmark452387MVNO - Mundio Mobile
    Denmark4523871MVNO - Netfors Unified Messaging
    Denmark452384MVNO - NextGen Mobile Ldt T/A CardBoardFish
    Denmark4523850MVNO - Onfone ApS
    Denmark4523872MVNO - Phone-IT A/S
    Denmark4523854MVNO - Plenti
    Denmark4523873MVNO - SimService (Telenor MVNO)
    Denmark4523875MVNO - Switt ApS
    Denmark4523842MVNO - TEL42 (Telenor MVNO)
    Denmark4523876MVNO - Telenor Connexion AB (Telenor MVNO)
    Denmark4523880MVNO - Tripple Track Europe ApS (Telenor MVNO)
    Denmark4523878MVNO - Uni-tel A/S (Telenor MVNO)
    Denmark4523879MVNO - Viptel ApS
    Denmark452388MVNO - Voxbone
    Denmark4523865MVNO - iPinion ApS
    Denmark4523867MVNO - ipvision A/S (TDC MVNO)
    Dominica176736620Digicel Dominica
    El Salvador5037062Digicel El Salvador
    El Salvador5037063Tigo (Telemovil EL Salvador)
    Estonia3722482Elisa Eesti
    Estonia3722483Tele 2 Eesti
    Estonia3722481Telia Eesti AS (EMT)
    Falkland Islands5007501Sure (Batelco)
    Faroe Islands2982881Faroese Telecom
    Faroe Islands2982882HEY (VODAFONE)
    Fiji6795422Digicel Fiji
    Finland35824414Alands Mobiltelefon AB
    Finland35824412DNA Ltd
    Finland3582445Elisa Oyj
    Finland35824491Telia (Sonera Finland Oyj)
    France3320820Bouygues Telecom
    France332088Completel Mobile
    France3320815Free Mobile
    France3320831Mundio Mobile
    French Guiana59434020Digicel Guyane
    French Guiana5943401Orange Caraibe Mobiles
    French Guiana5943402Outremer Telecom
    French Polynesia68954720VINI (Tikiphone SA)
    French Polynesia6895475VITI SAS
    French Polynesia68954715Vodafone (Pacific Mobile Telecom)
    Gambia2206072Africell Gambia
    Gambia2206073Comium Gambia
    Georgia9952824Beeline (Mobitel)
    Germany4926243Lycamobile (MVNO)
    Germany4926233Sipgate Wireless (MVNO)
    Germany492622Vodafone Germany
    Ghana2336206AirtelTigo Ghana
    Ghana2336207Glo Mobile Ghana
    Greece302021Cosmote (Mobile Telecommunications S.A.)
    Greece302025Vodafone Greece
    Greece3020210Wind Hellas
    Greenland2992901TELE Greenland
    Grenada147335230Digicel Grenada
    Guadeloupe59034020Digicel Guadeloupe
    Guadeloupe5903408MIO GSM (Dauphin Telecom)
    Guadeloupe5903401Orange Caraibe Mobiles
    Guadeloupe5903402Outremer Telecom
    Guadeloupe5903403Tel Cell (United Telecommunications Services Caraibe SARL)
    Guam1310370[Guam & NMI] Docomo Pacific
    Guam1310400[Guam & NMI] iConnect (Choice Phone)
    Guernsey442343Airtel Guernsey
    Guernsey4423455Sure Mobile (Cable & Wireless Guernsey Ltd)
    Guinea-Bissau2456323Orange Bissau
    Guyana5927382Cellink Plus (Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Co.)
    Guyana5927381Digicel Guyana (U Mobile)
    Hong Kong85245433 (Hutchison Telecom HK Ltd)
    Hong Kong8524541CITIC Telecom 1616 (CSL MVNO)
    Hong Kong85245412China Mobile HK
    Hong Kong85245431China Telecom Global Limited
    Hong Kong8524547China Unicom HK Limited (3 MVNO)
    Hong Kong85245411China-HongKong Telecom (3 MVNO)
    Hong Kong8524540Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT/CLS)
    Hong Kong8524546SmarTone HK
    Hungary3621630T-Mobile Hungary (Magyar Telekom)
    Hungary362161Telenor (fka Pannon)
    Hungary3621670Vodafone Hungary
    Iceland3542744Viking Wireless (IMC Island)
    Iceland3542742Vodafone Iceland (Fjarskipti hf)
    India9140449Airtel // Andhra Pradesh
    India9140556Airtel // Assam
    India9140552Airtel // Bihar and Jharkhand
    India9140440Airtel // Chennai
    India9140410Airtel // Delhi
    India9140498Airtel // Gujarat
    India9140496Airtel // Haryana
    India914043Airtel // Himachal Pradesh
    India9140555Airtel // Jammu & Kashmir
    India914046Airtel // Karnataka
    India9140495Airtel // Kerala
    India9140431Airtel // Kolkata
    India9140493Airtel // Madhya Pradesh
    India9140490Airtel // Maharashtra
    India9140492Airtel // Mumbai
    India9140416Airtel // North East
    India9140553Airtel // Orissa
    India914042Airtel // Punjab
    India9140470Airtel // Rajasthan
    India9140494Airtel // Tamil Nadu
    India9140554Airtel // UP-East
    India9140497Airtel // UP-West
    India9140551Airtel // West Bengal
    India9140473BSNL // Andhra Pradesh
    India9140438BSNL // Assam
    India9140475BSNL // Bihar and Jharkhand
    India9140464BSNL // Chennai
    India9140457BSNL // Gujarat
    India9140434BSNL // Haryana
    India9140451BSNL // Himachal Pradesh
    India9140462BSNL // Jammu & Kashmir
    India9140471BSNL // Karnataka
    India9140472BSNL // Kerala
    India9140481BSNL // Kolkata
    India9140458BSNL // Madhya Pradesh
    India9140466BSNL // Maharashtra
    India9140477BSNL // North East
    India9140476BSNL // Orissa
    India9140453BSNL // Punjab
    India9140459BSNL // Rajasthan
    India9140480BSNL // Tamil Nadu
    India9140455BSNL // UP-East
    India9140454BSNL // UP-West
    India9140474BSNL // West Bengal
    India914047IDEA // Andhra Pradesh
    India91405845IDEA // Assam
    India9140570IDEA // Bihar and Jharkhand
    India914044IDEA // Delhi
    India9140424IDEA // Gujarat
    India9140412IDEA // Haryana
    India9140482IDEA // Himachal Pradesh
    India91405846IDEA // Jammu & Kashmir
    India9140444IDEA // Karnataka
    India9140419IDEA // Kerala
    India91405848IDEA // Kolkata
    India9140478IDEA // Madhya Pradesh
    India9140422IDEA // Maharashtra
    India91405799IDEA // Mumbai
    India91405849IDEA // North East
    India91405850IDEA // Orissa
    India9140414IDEA // Punjab
    India9140487IDEA // Rajasthan
    India91405852IDEA // Tamil Nadu
    India9140489IDEA // UP-East
    India9140456IDEA // UP-West
    India91405853IDEA // West Bengal
    India9140468MTNL // Delhi
    India9140469MTNL // Mumbai
    India91405912Other networks
    India91405854Reliance Jio // Andhra Pradesh
    India91405855Reliance Jio // Assam
    India91405856Reliance Jio // Bihar and Jharkhand
    India91405872Reliance Jio // Delhi
    India91405857Reliance Jio // Gujarat
    India91405858Reliance Jio // Haryana
    India91405859Reliance Jio // Himachal Pradesh
    India91405860Reliance Jio // Jammu & Kashmir
    India91405861Reliance Jio // Karnataka
    India91405862Reliance Jio // Kerala
    India91405873Reliance Jio // Kolkata
    India91405863Reliance Jio // Madhya Pradesh
    India91405864Reliance Jio // Maharashtra
    India91405874Reliance Jio // Mumbai
    India91405865Reliance Jio // North East
    India91405866Reliance Jio // Orissa
    India91405867Reliance Jio // Punjab
    India91405868Reliance Jio // Rajasthan
    India91405869Reliance Jio // Tamil Nadu
    India91405871Reliance Jio // UP-East
    India91405870Reliance Jio // UP-West
    India91405840Reliance Jio // West Bengal
    India9140413Vodafone // Andhra Pradesh
    India91405751Vodafone // Assam
    India91405752Vodafone // Bihar and Jharkhand
    India9140484Vodafone // Chennai
    India9140411Vodafone // Delhi
    India914045Vodafone // Gujarat
    India914041Vodafone // Haryana
    India91405754Vodafone // Himachal Pradesh
    India91405750Vodafone // Jammu & Kashmir
    India9140486Vodafone // Karnataka
    India9140446Vodafone // Kerala
    India9140430Vodafone // Kolkata
    India91405756Vodafone // Madhya Pradesh
    India9140427Vodafone // Maharashtra
    India9140420Vodafone // Mumbai
    India91405755Vodafone // North East
    India91405753Vodafone // Orissa
    India9140488Vodafone // Punjab
    India9140460Vodafone // Rajasthan
    India9140443Vodafone // Tamil Nadu
    India9140415Vodafone // UP-East
    India9140566Vodafone // UP-West
    India9140567Vodafone // West Bengal
    Indonesia6251011XL (PT XL Axiata Tbk)
    Iran9843214TKC (KFZO)
    Iraq96441840Korek Telecom
    Iraq96441820zain IQ (Atheer Telecom Iraq)
    Ireland3532725Hutchison 3G Ireland
    Ireland35327213Lycamobile (O2 MVNO)
    Ireland3532723Meteor Mobile Telecommunications
    Isle of Man4423418Cloud 9 (Wire 9 Telecom)
    Isle of Man4423458Manx Telecom
    Isle of Man4423455Sure Mobile (Cable & Wireless Isle of Man Ltd)
    Israel97242519Azi Communications (Telzar)
    Israel9724252Cellcom Israel
    Israel9724258Golan Telecom
    Israel9724251Orange (Partner Communications Company)
    Israel9724259Xfone (We4G)
    Jamaica133850Digicel Jamaica
    Jersey442343Airtel Jersey
    Jersey4423450Jersey Telecom
    Jersey4423455Sure Mobile (Cable & Wireless Jersey Ltd)
    Jordan9624161zain JO (JMTS)
    Kazakhstan740177Tele2 (Mobile Telecom Service LLP)
    Kenya2546393Airtel Kenya
    Kenya2546397Telkom Kenya Ltd (Orange)
    Kiribati6865459Kiribati Vodafone (Telecom Services Kiribati Ltd (TSKL))
    Kuwait9654193Ooredoo Kuwait
    Kuwait9654194STC Kuwait (ex VIVA)
    Kuwait9654192zain KW (Mobile Telecommunications Co.)
    Kyrgyzstan9964379O! (NurTelecom LLC)
    Latvia3712475Bite Latvija
    Latvia3712471LMT GSM (Latvijas Mobilais Telefons)
    Latvia3712473Triatel (Telekom Baltija) (CDMA)
    Lebanon9614151Alfa (MIC 1)
    Lebanon9614153MTC-Touch (MIC 2)
    Lesotho2666512Econet Telecom Lesotho
    Lesotho2666511Vodacom Lesotho
    Liberia2316187Orange Liberia (ex. Cellcom)
    Libya2186061Al Madar Al Jadid
    Liechtenstein4232951FL GSM (Swisscom Switzerland Ltd (Liechtenstein))
    Liechtenstein4232955FL1 (Mobilkom Liechtenstein AG)
    Liechtenstein4232952Orange FL
    Lithuania3702462BITE GSM
    Lithuania3702461Telia Lietuva (Omnitel)
    Luxembourg3522701LuxGSM (P&T Luxembourg)
    Macao8534552China Telecom (Macau) (CDMA)
    Macao8534553Hutchison Telecom (Macau)
    Macao8534550SmarTone (Macau)
    Madagascar2616462Orange Madagascar
    Malawi2656501TNM (Telekom Networks Malawi)
    Malaysia6050219Celcom Axiata Bhd
    Malaysia6050216DiGi Telecommunications
    Malaysia6050212Maxis Bhd
    Malaysia605021959REDOne Sdn Bhd (Celcom MVNO)
    Malaysia60502154Tron (Digi MVNO)
    Malaysia60502150Tune Talk Sdn Bhd (Celcom MVNO)
    Malaysia6050218U Mobile Sdn Bhd
    Malaysia60502153Webe (Packet One)
    Malaysia605021957XOX Com Sdn Bhd (Celcom MVNO)
    Malaysia60502152Yes (YTL Communications Sdn Bhd)
    Maldives9604721Dhiraagu (Dhivehi Raajjeyge Gulhun)
    Maldives9604722Ooredoo Maldives
    Malta35627821GO Mobile (Mobisle Communications Ltd)
    Malta35627877Melita Mobile Ltd
    Malta3562781Vodafone Malta
    Martinique5963402Outremer Telecom
    Mauritius2306172MTML (Mahanagar Telephone)
    Mexico523342Telcel (Radiomovil Dipsa S.A.)
    Moldova3732593IDC (Interdnestrcom) (CDMA)
    Moldova3732595Unite (MoldTelecom)
    Mongolia9764281SkyTel (CDMA)
    Montenegro3822972T-Mobile (Crnogorski Telekom)
    Montenegro3822973m:tel CG
    Morocco2126041IAM (Maroc Telecom)
    Morocco2126040Orange (ex Meditel)
    Mozambique2586434Vodacom Mozambique
    Myanmar954146Telenor Myanmar
    Namibia2646493TN Mobile (Telecom Namibia)
    Nauru6745362Digicel Nauru
    Netherlands3120417InterCity Mobile
    Netherlands312048KPN B.V.
    Netherlands3120412KPN B.V. (Telfort B.V.)
    Netherlands3120428Lancelot B.V.
    Netherlands312049Lycamobile (KPN MVNO)
    Netherlands3120416T-Mobile NL
    Netherlands312042TELE2 Nederland B.V. (T-Mobile MVNO)
    Netherlands312047Teleena Holding B.V. (Vodafone MVNO)
    Netherlands312044VodafoneZiggo Netherlands
    New Caledonia6875461Mobilis (OPT New Caledonia)
    New Zealand645301Vodafone New Zealand
    Niger2276142Airtel Niger
    North Macedonia3892942ONE (one.Vip DOO Skopje (MKDCC))
    North Macedonia3892941T-Mobile Macedonia
    North Macedonia3892943Vip MK (one.Vip DOO Skopje (MKDNO))
    Northern Cyprus90286N/DKKTC Telsim (Vodafone)
    Northern Cyprus90286N/DKKTCell (Turkcell)
    Norway4724214ICE Communication Norge AS
    Norway4724223Lycamobile Norway Ltd (Telia MVNO)
    Norway472425Mobile Norway (Network Norway AS)
    Norway472427Phonero AS (Telia MVNO)
    Norway472428TDC AS
    Norway472422TELIA (NetCom)
    Norway472421Telenor Norge AS
    Oman9684222OMAN MOBILE (Oman Telecommunications Company)
    Pakistan924103Ufone (Pak Telecom Mobile Ltd)
    Palau6805521PNCC Wireless (Palau National Communications Corp)
    Panama5077143Claro Panama
    Panama5077144Digicel Panama
    Papua New Guinea6755371Bee Mobile (BMobile Ltd)
    Paraguay5957445Personal (Nucleo S.A)
    Paraguay5957444Tigo (Telecel Paraguay)
    Paraguay5957441VOX (Hola Paraguay S.A.)
    Philippines635152Globe Telecom
    Poland4826015AERO (CenterNet S.A.) (Plus MVNO)
    Poland4826012Cyfrowy POLSAT S.A. (MVNO)
    Poland482609Lycamobile Sp. z o.o. (MVNO)
    Poland482603Orange (PTK Centertel Sp. z o.o.)
    Poland482606Play (P4 Sp. z o.o.)
    Poland482601Plus (Polkomtel S.A.) ERA (Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa Sp. z o.o.)
    Portugal3512684Lycamobile (MVNO Vodafone)
    Portugal3512686MEO (fka TMN)
    Portugal3512683NOS (fka Optimus)
    Portugal35126898NOWO (MVNO MEO)
    Portugal35126899Onitelecom (MVNO MEO)
    Portugal3512681Vodafone Portugal
    Qatar9744271Ooredoo (Q-Tel)
    Reunion2626472Free (former Outremer Telecom)
    Reunion26264710Societe Reunionnaise de Radiotelephone
    Reunion2626474Zeop (Orange MVNO)
    Romania4022610Orange Romania
    Romania402263Telekom Romania (f.d. Cosmote)
    Romania402261Vodafone Romania
    Russian Federation725032K-Telecom (WIN Mobile)
    Russian Federation725035MOTIV Telecom (Ekaterinburg 2000)
    Russian Federation725047SIM-SIM (Tele2 MVNO)
    Russian Federation725033Sevmobile
    Russian Federation725020Tele2
    Russian Federation725022Vainakh Telecom
    Rwanda25063514AirtelTigo Rwanda
    Saint Kitts and Nevis186935650Digicel St. Kitts and Nevis
    Saint Kitts and Nevis186935670UTS CariGlobe
    Saint Lucia175835850Digicel St. Lucia
    Saint Pierre and Mique3l2o0n05083081AMERIS (SAS SPM Telecom)
    Saint Vincent and The8G9r3enadines178436070Digicel St. Vincent and the Grenadines
    Samoa68554927Bluesky Samoa
    Samoa6855491Digicel Samoa
    Sao Tome and Princip3e2372396261CSTmovel (Companhia Santomense de Telecomunicacoes SARL)
    Saudi Arabia9664206Lebara Mobile KSA (Mobily MVNO)
    Saudi Arabia9664201STC (Saudi Telecom Company)
    Saudi Arabia9664205Virgin Mobile KSA (STC MVNO)
    Saudi Arabia9664204Zain SA (MTC Saudi Arabia)
    Senegal2216083Expresso Senegal (Sudan Telecom Company Ltd)
    Serbia3812205A1 Serbia (ex Vip)
    Serbia3812203Telekom Srbija
    Seychelles24863310Airtel (Telecom Seychelles)
    Seychelles2486331Cable & Wireless (Seychelles)
    Sierra Leone2326195Africell (LINTEL Ltd)
    Sierra Leone2326191Orange (SL) Limited (ex. Airtel Sierra Leone)
    Singapore655253M1 (M1 Limited)
    Singapore655251SingTel (Singapore Telecom Mobile)
    Singapore655255StarHub Mobile
    Sint Maarten172136259Chippie (UTS)
    Sint Maarten172136251Telcell
    Slovakia42123134ka (SWAN)
    Slovakia4212316Telefonica O2 Slovakia
    Slovenia38629340A1 (SI.mobil)
    Slovenia38629341Mobitel (Telekom Slovenije)
    Slovenia38629370Telemach (Tusmobil)
    Solomon Islands6775401Breeze (Solomon Telekom Co Ltd)
    Somalia25263725Hormuud Telecom Somalia
    South Africa276557Cell C
    South Sudan21165992MTN South Sudan
    South Sudan21165991Zain (Sudanese Mobile Telephone)
    Spain342147MNO - Movistar (Telefonica Moviles Espana)
    Spain342143MNO - Orange Espana
    Spain342141MNO - Vodafone Espana
    Spain342144MNO - Yoigo (Xfera Moviles)
    Spain342143501MVNO - Aire Networks del Mediterraneo
    Spain3421415MVNO - BT Espana
    Spain3421418MVNO - Cableuropa (Ono) / Tenaria [shared]
    Spain342143502MVNO - Carrefouronline
    Spain3421495MVNO - Cecosa Institucional
    Spain3421422MVNO - Digi Spain Telecom
    Spain34214353MVNO - Distribuidora Internacional de Alimentacion
    Spain342148MVNO - Euskaltel
    Spain3421484MVNO - Hits Telecom
    Spain3421413MVNO - Incotel Ingeniera y Consultaria SL
    Spain3421499MVNO - Ingenium Outsourcing Services
    Spain34214357MVNO - Least Cost Routing Telecom
    Spain3421492MVNO - Lebara
    Spain3421425MVNO - Lycamobile
    Spain3421498MVNO - Mas Movil Ibercom
    Spain34214354MVNO - Mas Movil Telecom 3.0 (PEPEPHONE 3.0)
    Spain34214355MVNO - More Minutes
    Spain34214118MVNO - ONO (Vodafone)
    Spain3421435013MVNO - Oceans Network
    Spain3421410MVNO - Operadora de Telecomunicaciones Opera SL
    Spain3421450030MVNO - Pepemobile
    Spain3421435012MVNO - Procono
    Spain3421417MVNO - R Cable y Telecomunicaciones Galicia
    Spain3421427MVNO - SCN Truphone
    Spain3421419MVNO - Simyo
    Spain34214351MVNO - The Phone House Movil
    Spain3421432MVNO - Tuenti Technologies
    Spain3421435011MVNO - Voztelecom Sistemas
    Spain34214356MVNO - You Mobile
    Sri Lanka944132Dialog Axiata
    Sri Lanka944133Etisalat Lanka
    Sri Lanka944138Hutchison Telecommunications Lanka
    Sudan2496341Zain SD
    Suriname5977463Digicel Suriname
    Sweden462402MNO - 3 (Hi3G Access AB)
    Sweden4624017MNO - Gotalandsnatet AB
    Sweden462407MNO - Tele2 Sverige AB
    Sweden462408MNO - Telenor Sverige AB
    Sweden4624016MVNO - 42 Telecom AB
    Sweden462403MVNO - Ainmt Sverige AB (Netett)
    Sweden4624076MVNO - Alltele Privat AB (f.d.Timepiece-Services De Consultoria Lda)
    Sweden4624099MVNO - Animatele Inc.
    Sweden4624049MVNO - Bahnhof AB
    Sweden4624026MVNO - Beepsend AB
    Sweden4624096MVNO - Bixia AB
    Sweden4624037MVNO - CLX Networks AB
    Sweden462409MVNO - Djuice Mobile Sweden
    Sweden4624022MVNO - Eu Tel AB
    Sweden4624091MVNO - First New Media Scandinavia AB
    Sweden4624098MVNO - Freshbody Sweden
    Sweden4624018MVNO - Generic Mobile Systems Sweden AB
    Sweden4624023MVNO - Infobip Ltd.
    Sweden4624057MVNO - IntJoors Sverige AB
    Sweden4624069MVNO - Internet Payment Exchange AB
    Sweden4624011MVNO - Lindholmen Science Park
    Sweden4624012MVNO - Lycamobile Sweden Ltd
    Sweden4624029MVNO - Mercury International Carrier Services
    Sweden4624043MVNO - Mobiweb Ltd
    Sweden4624025MVNO - Monty Mobile
    Sweden4624019MVNO - Mundio Mobile (Sweden)
    Sweden4624030MVNO - NextGen Mobile Ltd
    Sweden4624040MVNO - ReWiCom Scandinavia AB
    Sweden4624085MVNO - RebTel Networks AB
    Sweden4624045MVNO - Spirius AB
    Sweden4624010MVNO - Spring Mobil AB
    Sweden4624073MVNO - Svenska Tele i Lidkoping AB
    Sweden4624014MVNO - TDC Sverige AB
    Sweden4624079MVNO - Telecom3 Sverige AB
    Sweden4624078MVNO - Teledigit Scand. AB
    Sweden4624042MVNO - Telenor Connexion AB
    Sweden4624034MVNO - Tigo LTD
    Sweden4624075MVNO - Truphone Ltd.
    Sweden4624020MVNO - Wireless Maingate AB (iMEZ AB)
    Sweden4624039MVNO Gotalandsnatet - 0700 Sverige AB
    Sweden4624041MVNO Gotalandsnatet - BM Sverige AB
    Sweden4624054MVNO Gotalandsnatet - DGC Access AB
    Sweden4624063MVNO Gotalandsnatet - SSTNet Sverige AB
    Sweden4624064MVNO Gotalandsnatet - SwedfoneNet AB (WARSIN HOLDING AB)
    Sweden4624038MVNO Gotalandsnatet - Voxbone SA
    Sweden4624068MVNO Gotalandsnatet - Wifog AB
    Sweden4624046MVNO Hi3G - Phone Family AB
    Sweden4624087MVNO Tele2 - Optimal Telecom Sverige
    Sweden4624074MVNO Tele2 - Unicorn Telecom AB
    Sweden4624095MVNO Telenor - Campuz Mobile AB
    Sweden4624094MVNO Telenor - Cell Mobile Scandinavia AB
    Sweden4624093MVNO Telenor - Devicom AB
    Sweden4624090MVNO Telenor - Glocalnet Scandinavia AB
    Sweden4624089MVNO Telenor - Megaphone AB
    Sweden4624059MVNO Telenor - Net at Once Sweden AB
    Sweden4624061MVNO Telenor - Qall Telecom AB
    Sweden4624084MVNO Telenor - Redphone AB
    Sweden4624077MVNO Telenor - Weblink IP Phone AB
    Sweden4624097MVNO TeliaSonera - ACN Communications
    Sweden4624013MVNO TeliaSonera - Alltele Foretag Sverige AB (f.d.Ventelo Sverige AB)
    Sweden4624050MVNO TeliaSonera - Alltele Privat AB. (f.d. Alltele LDA f.d Bixia AB)
    Sweden4624065MVNO TeliaSonera - Fello AB (f.d. Teligoo AB)
    Sweden4624044"MVNO TeliaSonera - Limitless Mobile AB (f.d. Telogic AB, LUDO Mobil AB)"
    Sweden4624058MVNO TeliaSonera - Loxytel AB
    Sweden4624070MVNO TeliaSonera - Mobil 2 Sverige AB
    Sweden4624088MVNO TeliaSonera - Netnet AS
    Sweden4624086MVNO TeliaSonera - Phonera Foretag AB
    Sweden462400MVNO TeliaSonera - Soft Telecom Sweden AB
    Sweden4624048MVNO TeliaSonera - Spinbox AB
    Sweden4624081MVNO TeliaSonera - Svea Billing System AB (UNO Mobile)
    Sweden4624082MVNO TeliaSonera - Svensk Konsumentmobil AB
    Sweden4624080MVNO TeliaSonera - TelaVox AB
    Sweden4624047MVNO TeliaSonera - Uno Telefoni AB
    Sweden4624056MVNO TeliaSonera - iCentrex Sweden AB
    Taiwan8864661Far EasTone
    Taiwan88646689T Star (Taiwan Star Telecom)
    Taiwan88646697Taiwan Mobile
    Tanzania2556405Airtel Tanzania
    Tanzania2556409Halotel (Viettel Tanzania)
    Tanzania2556403Zantel (Zanzibar Telecom Ltd)
    Tanzania2556402tiGO (MIC Tanzania Ltd)
    Thailand665203AIS GSM (Advanced Info Service PLC)
    Thailand6652018DTAC (Total Access Communications Co.)
    Thailand665204True Move H (Real Future)
    Thailand665200my network (by CAT)
    Timor-Leste6705142Timor Telecom
    Togo2286151Togo Cell (Togo Telecom)
    Tonga67653988Digicel Tonga
    Tonga6765391U-Call (Tonga Communications Corporation)
    Trinidad and Tobago1868374130Digicel Trinidad and Tobago Ltd
    Trinidad and Tobago186837412bmobile (TSTT)
    Tunisia2166052TunTel (Tunisie Telecom)
    Turkey902863Turk Telekom (AVEA)
    Turkey902862Vodafone Turkey
    Turkmenistan9934382Altyn Asyr
    Turks and Caicos Islan2d3s58164933850Digicel Turks & Caicos
    Uganda25664114Africell Uganda (Orange)
    Uganda25664118Smart Telecom (Suretelcom) Uganda
    Uganda25664111Uganda Telecom
    Ukraine38025573Mob (Ukrtelecom)
    Ukraine38025521PEOPLEnet (Telesystems of Ukraine) (CDMA)
    Ukraine3802551Vodafone Ukraine (fka MTS)
    Ukraine3802556life:) (Astelit)
    United Arab Emirates 25029714243du (EITC)
    United Kingdom44234203 (Hutchison 3G UK Ltd)
    United Kingdom4423439Gamma Telecom Holdings Ltd
    United Serveis Telematics Limited
    United Kingdom4423426Lycamobile UK Limted
    United Kingdom4423410O2 (Telefonica UK Ltd)
    United Kingdom4423433Orange (Everything Everywhere Limited)
    United Kingdom4423457Sky UK Limited
    United Kingdom4423424Stour Marine Limited
    United Kingdom4423430T-Mobile UK (Everything Everywhere Limited)
    United Kingdom442349Tismi BV
    United Kingdom4423425Truphone (Software Cellular Network Ltd)
    United Kingdom442341Vectone Mobile (Mundio Mobile Limited)
    United Kingdom4423438Virgin Mobile UK (Telefonica UK MVNO)
    United Kingdom4423415Vodafone UK
    Uzbekistan9984347UMS (MTS)
    Vanuatu6785415Digicel Vanuatu
    Venezuela587342Digitel GSM
    Vietnam844522Vinaphone (Vietnam Telecom Services Company)
    Virgin Islands (British)1284348570Caribbean Cellular Telephone (CCT)
    Virgin Islands (British)1284348770Digicel BVI
    Yemen9674212MTN (Spacetel)
    Yemen9674214Y (HiTS-UNITEL)
    Zambia2606452MTN Zambia
    Zambia2606453Zambia Telecommunications Company (Zamtel)
    Zimbabwe2636484Econet Wireless
    Zimbabwe2636481NetOne Cellular
    Zimbabwe2636483Telecel Zimbabwe

    Number Portability Coverage

    See Also: [ Live Coverage - Live Coverage via Carrier HLR Query ]

    The following countries are available for number portability (carrier lookup) from carrier data sources other than live HLR.

    Note than in many countries (eg USA, Canda) this includes support for non-mobile numbers such as landlines and VoIP numbers which cannot be accessed via HLR, which is specific to mobile networks.

  • Albania
  • Argentina
  • Armenia
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Azerbaijan
  • Bahrain
  • Bangladesh
  • Belarus
  • Belgium
  • Benin
  • Bolivia
  • Bosnia
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • Egypt
  • El Salvador
  • Estonia
  • France
  • Finland
  • Georgia
  • Germany
  • Ghana
  • Greece
  • Honduras
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • India
  • Iran
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Ivory Coast
  • Jamaica
  • Japan
  • Kazahkstan
  • Kenya
  • Kuwait
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Macedonia
  • Malaysia
  • Malta
  • Mexico
  • Moldova
  • Montenegro
  • Morocco
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Nigeria
  • Norway
  • Oman
  • Pakistan
  • Panama
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Puerto Rico
  • Puerto Rico
  • Qatar
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Senegal
  • Serbia
  • Singapore
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Sudan
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • Tanzania
  • Thailand
  • Trinidad & Tobago
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

    Note that the service may not be available in all countries due to connectivity restrictions, temporary issues, blocks, or other reasons beyond our control blocks. Please test using a trial account before purchasing large volumes of credit.

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